Education providers

Accreditation of educational offers

wba is a modular system for the certification and acknowledgement of adult educators. It doesn´t offer educational programmes itself.

Adult education institutions are able to have their educational courses accredited by wba.
Institutions have to have AT-Cert to conclude a quality assurance agreement with wba . The agreement remains in force for the duration of the institution´s AT-Cert certification.

The accreditation process

Educational offers are accredited as follows:

  1. Conclusion of a quality assurance agreement
    The quality assurance agreement governs the rights and obligations between the education provider and wba.

  2. Submission of an application for accreditation
    Following the conclusion of a quality assurance agreement, educational offers can be submitted in the form of an application for accreditation. Each application for accreditation is reviewed both formally and with regard to its content. The educational offer is then allocated to the competences and graded with ECTS (wba) credit points. The result is submitted to the Accreditation Board for approval.

Which educational offers can be submitted?

  • Educational courses which fit into the wba curriculum can be submitted for accreditation.
  • Accredited offers are displayed on the wba website for viewing by all interested parties and candidates in search of suitable educational courses.

In-company trainings and closed study courses can not be submitted for accreditation.

The advantages of an accreditation for educational institutions

A quality assurance agreement with wba has the following advantages:

  • Educational institutions with accredited offers are displayed on the wba website.
  • Accredited offers are provided with wba-valid ECTS credit points.
  • Currently offered and future planned accredited offers are displayed on the wba website - with links to the provider's website.
  • Accredited providers can use the wba-logo for accredited offers.
  • Candidates who attend a wba-accredited offer know in advance how the offer will be approved.
  • Accredited providers profit from these promotional effects and are able to address new target groups.

The advantage of accredited educational offers for wba-candidates

Accredited offers are assessed, reviewed and approved by the accreditation board in advance. Content that corresponds to the wba qualification profiles receives acknowledgement. Participants who attend an accredited offer know in advance how this offerwill be approved. As soon as they hand in their attendance certificate, the proof is acknowledged and added to their portfolio without being dealt with by the accreditation board again. This saves time.


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